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fuck yes, its a macrame dress!

Are you seeing what you think youre seeing? YES! It's a DRESS!

My macrame dresses will make all of your Boho dreams come true. And mine too!

Each dress is completely 100% unique, and made to order.

These dresses are very versatile. They can be worn on your wedding day, for the ultimate free spirited bohemian vibe. Or maybe you are an expecting mother and this dress would take your maternity photoshoot dreams and make them come true! 

Hey perhaps you're going on a really gorgeous vacation, and you can't see yourself in anything but this.

Whatever the goal may be, I'm here to tie it ALL together. ;)

The dress ordering process is unique. Upon purchasing your piece, you will receive an email from me that will begin your customized ordering experience. We will talk about size, coverage, etc. We will go over all of the details to make sure your dress is everything you are hoping for and more! Head to my product page to order yours today! OR if you have questions you'd like to ask first, click the button below and lets chat!

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