It’s here! You can officially make all of your bohemian babe dreams come TRUE!My macrame dresses are made with the intention to make you feel like the absolute goddess that you are! Where will your dress take you!?Down the isle?On vacation? To a photoshoot?Your client closet, perhaps? Whoever you are, and whatever the case may be, I KNOW you need one of these unique beauties.Each dress is unique and MADE TO ORDER. Upon purchasing, you will receive an email from me where I will inquire for details.Details such as color, coverage preferences, length, specific details (sleeves or no sleeves...etc.)The price of the dress depends on some of these things. So you will need an estimated idea of what you are hoping for before you purchase. Please keep in mind that if you are a PHOTOGRAPHER looking to build your client closet, we will ensure that you receive a one size fits all dress. Price breakdown:•Minimal Dress: (ideal for a bathing suit cover up or something of the sort)-minimal breast coverage -knee length-sleeveless•Full length gown: -customized breast coverage (full or not full, and you may request to ensure it will fit your cup size) -floor length gown-intricate details-sleeveless •The ultimate gown:-customized coverage -floor length gown-sleeved (draped sleeves)-extra intricate details

Macrame Dress