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Welcome to my shop! You are here because you are amazing, and I appreciate you! My business started out as many thriving small businesses do..... as a hobby! I was a new mother looking for a way to express my creativity, and find my "thing" outside of motherhood. As the years have past, I have honed in on my favorite craft: macrame. I spend most of my days tying knots and creating beautiful works of fiber art while also simultaneously caring for my three children. Along the way I have also offered many different forms of art & goodies in my shop. Currently I am focused on creating macrame for all different aspects of life! Along with offering hand tie-dyed rope to fellow fiber artists, and occasionally offering limited releases of unique handmade jewelry. Trust me, there is a lot to love here. I am able to offer all of these different things in my shop because of my wonderful support system....YOU! 



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